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Csatlakozott: 2018.06.23. Szombat 7:02
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bout flutes and the gender of those who play them. This confuses me and I''d like your opinions on the issue. Anyway, I quit playing the flute several years ago for several reasons, this likely being one of them, and now am considering going back to it. But I''ve played other instruments in the meantime and I''m not sure that I want to just bail on those either. And I certainly can''t practice all of them at once while I''m in school. So tell me, flute players, what drives you to keep doing what you do so well? I sometimes wonder why I began in the first place, because now I can''t seem to find a very good reason for returning to the instrument. And, for the male flautists out there, what keeps you from losing your self esteem? Do you ever get knocked for being a male flute player? Also, I was in band a few years ago and am not sure whether or not it would be a good idea to return. Do you think that school ensembles are
worthwhile or that personal flute lessons are solely the way to go?

Please help.

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